What should I do if a rider asks me to wait for them on a ride?

At each stop, ask the rider clearly: “Is the ride complete or should I wait for you?”. If the rider replies that the ride is over you may complete the ride. If the rider asks you to wait, then wait for the rider till the rider gets back back to you.

If the rider is not the customer himself
- for example, the customer has ordered a car for his friends - act the same as described in the previous paragraph. However, after the riders leave the car, be sure to call or write to support team in the chat support service to confirm these stops. The support team will contact the customer and confirm with him whether you can wait for riders at his expense. Then follow the instructions of the support team.

If your rider takes longer than  30 minutes, and the waiting time was not stipulated in advance, immediately contact the support team and proceed according to their instructions. If the waiting time has been agreed with the rider, and they are still delayed,  inform the support team in order to avoid unnecessary waiting and recalculation of the ride. The rider will be contacted by support
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