What to do during a ride

  • Before starting the ride, you need to
    1. Check if the customer has a preferred route - if they do, make sure you follow it. This will reflect in your ratings and possibly tips. This will also help you if the passenger complains about route or price (eg if you take a passenger from LHR to East London via M25).
    2. Check whether the temperature is comfortable enough or whether they would like it to be hotter / cooler
    3. Check whether the passenger has a preferred radio station they would like to have on
  • By the time the passenger gets in the vehicle, your radio should be off (or muted)
  • Wheely chauffeurs are discreet, reliable and professional.
  • Do not talk on the phone, read the news, send a text or do anything else that takes away your attention from the road.
  • Do not intentionally move into slow lanes and decrease speed. Passengers will notice this and it will negatively affect your rating.
  • Drive smoothly, without any sharp braking and acceleration: two-thirds of children and every tenth adult suffer from motion sickness.
  • If the passenger makes or takes a phone call, turn down the radio.
  • Keep your personal phone in silent mode in your pocket or glove compartment.
  • Please do not begin a conversation with the passenger.
  • If the passenger would like to talk, you may hold a conversation but remain neutral on important topics and avoid giving any opinions.
  • Avoid using phrases such as: “No, it is impossible”, "It is strictly forbidden", "I will be fined" or "You will pay a penalty". Please also avoid slang and colloquialisms. As a Wheely chauffeur, your speech should correspond to the image of a professional.
  • If the passenger wishes to smoke, suggest stopping or waiting until the final destination. It is illegal to smoke in a Private Hire vehicle.

Wheely strongly suggests you stay away from the following topics:
  • The passenger’s relatives, partners, friends.
  • Previous journeys.
  • Your personal life.
  • Your earnings.
  • Who else you work for, whether you lease the vehicle etc.
  • Comparing Wheely with other services.
  • Politics
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