Huawei Phone - Losing Track of your Position and Taking you off the System

Owners of some Android brands, such as Huawei, may encounter a problem when switching to another app. This can force the Wheely app to quit and fail to record your route.

As this can only be fixed by accessing your phone’s settings, Wheely cannot solve this problem. Here’s what you need to do.

This involves two stages: disabling power optimisation, then adding Wheely Driver to Protected Apps.

(The following guide is based on the Huawei P8 with Android 6.0 and EMUI 4.0.1. The settings may look slightly different in newer versions.)

First, disable power optimisation for the Wheely app

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap Apps, then select Advanced in the bottom left corner

3. Select Ignore battery optimizations

4. Tap Allowed and then All apps

5. Select Wheely Driver

6. Choose Allow and press OK

You now need to add the Wheely Driver app to Protected Apps

1. Go to Settings > Advanced settings

2. Select Battery manager

3. Go to Protected apps

4. Find the Wheely Driver app and switch the toggle to on

Finally, reboot your phone.