How to order a ride

Urgent journey order

  1. In the customer area, click “New ride” and fill out the form.

  2. Provide the name of the employee to record the journey in their name. You will receive a message if the employee has exceeded their allowance.

  3. Provide the pickup location by choosing one of the pre-recorded addresses. If you’re booking a ride for an employee from another city type in the city name first, followed by the street address.

  4. Having chosen the route, class, and passenger click “Order”. The employee will see the order in their app while you’ll be able to follow it from the dashboard.

Employees may also book journeys independently (within their monthly allowance) by using the Wheely smartphone app or via desktop (same way as above).

Ride request menu

Current ride details


Click “Reserve for” when ordering a new ride. Here you can enter the time and date.

Ordering for another person

Here you can provide passenger’s name and phone number, along with a short note for the driver.

Ordering several concurrent rides

Upon placing the first order, simply click “New Ride” and hail as many vehicles as you need.

Airport meeting boards

When ordering a ride via the customer area please use the “Note for Driver” section to indicate that you would like the passenger to be picked up with a meeting board. The app has a special menu option for that purpose.