COVID-19: Wheely precautions and services

The safety and wellbeing of passengers and chauffeurs is our number one priority. In response to the spread of COVID-19, Wheely has now introduced an even higher standard of cleanliness in all locations, as well as an updated chauffeur etiquette. In these extraordinary times, rest assured that we are doing all that we can to provide the maximum level of protection possible.

Anton ChirkunovFounder and CEO

Higher standards than ever

On 23rd March, Wheely introduced even higher standards of cleanliness and a new chauffeur etiquette. Discover how we are working hard to make every single journey as safe as possible.

COVID-19: The Wheely Standard (PDF)

Branded Amenities

Sanitising towelettes and tissue packs are now on hand for every passenger. Complimentary water has been moved to the door pockets.

Disinfecting vehicles

Chauffeurs sanitise every touch point after every journey using single-use disinfecting wipes, as well completely disinfecting the vehicle with spray and wipes at least twice each day.

Daily checks

Wheely thoroughly checks vehicles and chauffeurs for compliance on a daily basis.

Face coverings

Wheely chauffeurs now wear face masks at all times for both passenger journeys and deliveries.

Trust Wheely chauffeurs with your errands

Are staying home yet still need to connect to life on the outside? Wheely chauffeurs are on the road and happy to bring your world to you. To book an errand, simply request a chauffeur as usual and enter the relevant instructions in the ‘Add a comment’ box.

Deliver groceries

Pick up a prescription

Fetch a laptop from the office

Collect a restaurant order

Take care of everyday essentials

Transport a gift to loved ones