Assistant Class

When you hire a full-time chauffeur, you expect them to do more than just drive. Wheely's on-demand chauffeurs are assistants too.

White-glove service

We can rarely do all the little things with the care and attention we'd like. We built our Assistant service around this need: for the errands where trust, taste, and touch matter — whether that's surprising someone with a classic vanilla meringue cake from Cipriani or fetching the perfect pairing from Hedonism Wines.

Direct communication

A single delivery note often isn’t enough. Add clarification, choose between options, and collaborate on personalisation touches directly with your assigned chauffeur through the Wheely app. The chat window won't reveal your phone number, and will only close upon the errand's completion.

Employee-like attitude

Delivery apps are structured around efficiency, not service. But life doesn't always go as planned. Stores can be unexpectedly closed, items can go out of stock, and recipients can suddenly be called away. Chauffeurs, like any good personal assistant, are there to thoughtfully break down obstacles and see tasks through.

The Assistant feature is now available for regular customers who've taken 10 or more journeys. Though it's not yet available in Paris.

Book your Assistant

Select ‘Assistant’ in the app.

Add your instructions to the ‘Add a comment’ box. Receive live updates from your chauffeur as they complete your errand.

The cost of any purchase will be added to the final fare.

You will find this and other features in Wheely app. Available for iOS and Android.