Impeccable style and luxurious comfort: Try the new and improved Wheely


Wheely is relaunching in London. Be one of the first to experience our newly enhanced service.

Executive quality just doesn’t exist in the ride-hailing world… until now. We’ve refocused and are now striving to providing only the highest quality and safest rides to Londoners. With nothing but gorgeous cars, you can now get around in the comfort and style that you deserve.

The cars

All Wheely cars are brand new or close to it (majority of cars from 2016 or above). And they’re kept impeccably clean. But that’s not the best bit. Each car is a beauty. So whether you’re coming from the airport, picking up a friend or hitting the town on a night out, you get the same great style you expect in every other part of your life.

Service levels

Features of Exec Service Level      Features of VIP Service Level

The drivers

We individually assess every one of our drivers to ensure they’re up to our standards. All our drivers...

  • Are licensed by TfL.
  • Dress smartly.
  • Arrive promptly.
  • Follow strict rules of professional etiquette.
  • Open the door for you.
  • Won’t force you into conversations.
  • Help with your luggage.
  • If it’s raining, they’ll meet you with an umbrella.
  • Allow you to choose the temperature.
  • Allow you to choose the radio station.
  • And more...

What’s more…

There is plenty more to Wheely and we’re constantly looking for additional ways to improve your everyday journeys. These are some of the exclusive service innovations that we offer...

  • No surge pricing.
  • 24/7 in-app chat support.
  • Flat rates for airport transfers (from £40 for Exec and £60 for VIP).

London Map in the Wheely App

Start experiencing Wheely today

If you haven’t already got the Wheely app, you can get your hands on it today and start making journeys in the nicest cars with the most professional drivers.

Just head to the App Store or Google Play and download it now.